Let’s go fishing!

Come to the Fishing Library and let us help you learn how to fish. We can show you how to fish and provide the rods, reels and lures for you to learn with. During the warm months, you can book a half day or whole day trip with us to go fishing in our boat. We will provide the rods, reels and lures for the fishing trip.

Catch a big fish!

Let us help you catch the big one. Come to the Fishing Library and learn about different techniques to catch fish. We will work with you to help you catch the fish you are looking for. We have access to different rods, reels, and lures to help you catch the fish of a lifetime.

Who We Are

About Fishing Library

About Fishing Library

Fishing Library was started in 2022 to help individuals learn about fishing and how to fish. Fishing Library helps individuals with different fishing skills and knowledge, from new to seasoned anglers. For new anglers, we introduce them to fishing concepts and then show them how to line a spinning reel, tie a lure, and cast. For all anglers, our goal is work with each angler to customize their learning around the different fish species and techniques. To learn how to be a better angler, we feel anglers need access to all the knowledge they can get.

    • Video Tutorials
      From our website, we will provide links to different fishing tutorials to help anglers learn how to fish for different species. Video tutorials can help anglers learn how to fish, tie knots, use different rods, reels and lures. Anglers can watch and listen to reviews of fishing reels, rods and lures. These reviews can help anglers determine what to use for a specific technique and to catch fish.
    • Rod and Reel Library
      At the Fishing Library, our goal is to provide quality rods and reels for anglers to use as they are learning a specific technique or fishing for a certain fish species. Anglers can purchase a membership to check out a rod or reel to help them learn to fish. Borrowing a rod will help an angler understand how the rod feels in their hand and determine if the rod is the right one for them. Borrowing a reel will help the angler determine if the reel is the right one to use for the technique they are learning. This allows the angler to pair up the reel with their own rods to determine the right fit and feel for them. Borrowing a rod or reel also allows an angler to try it out before purchasing the rod or reel.
    • Teaching and Coaching on Land or Water
      We teach and coach anglers on land or water. Anglers can book time with us to help teach and coach them in different fishing techniques, catching different fish species, and/or learn to use the different fishing electronics. Depending on the time of the year, we teach anglers in the shop, at a gym/community center, on the shore of a lake, or on the water. Anglers can book a half day, full day or hourly training and coaching session.

    Bookings Open

    Coaching With Us

    Half day (4hrs) on the water coaching (for 1-2 anglers)

    Cost $250

    Member Cost $225

    For Members, each additional session after the first booking is $215.

    Full day (8hrs) on the water coaching (for 1-2 anglers)

    Cost $400

    Member Cost $360

    For Members, each additional session after the first booking is $350.

    Hourly on shore coaching (1-4 anglers)

    Cost $60

    Member Cost $50

    Based on time of the year, coaching will occur at the store, in a gym, or on shore near a lake.

    Hourly Room

    Member Cost $100.00

    After 6pm for Members only

    Fish Species & How To Catch

    Fishing Videos

    View our selection of videos to help you learn the various fishing species and techniques. The video tutorials will show you how to fish different techniques using different rods, reels, and lures. Video reviews shows you other anglers reviewing the rods, reels, and lures for various fishing techniques.

    Enjoy Fishing and Get Better At It

    What Our Clients Say


    "I have had numerous fishing outings with Chong on different Minnesota Lakes. Caught fish on each outing. Limit of small mouth bass on Mille Lacs including multiple 5+ pounders. Great times on Lake Minnetonka fishing for large mouth bass. Fishing on Lake Marion in Lakeville produced 2 nice northern; One 28” and one 17 ½ inches. O’Dowd Lake in Shakopee is where I landed my 1st 18 ½ in bass. That was totally awesome. One of my most exciting outings was Crappie fishing on Gull Lake in Brainerd. We limited out on 12-14 inch crappies.

    So, as you can see, Chong is an all-around fishing guide. He teaches all aspects of fishing and delivers awesome fishing outings. Can’t wait for our next adventure. "

    - Allen S.